Eight channel K-Type USB temperature logger with software

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  • Eight K-Type (NiCrNi) channels per device
  • Measurement range -200°C to 1200°C or -328°F to 2192°F
  • Accuracy over temperature range +-0,25°C
  • Sensitivity 16bit for K-Type temperature measurement
  • Update rate per device less than 0,5s for eight channels
  • Up to 128 devices can be handled by oftware
  • Data will be logged in ,csv files with timestamp YYYYMMDD, HH:MM:SS,millis for each measurement
  • Each measurement file contains 3600 measurements
  • Measurement line contains timestamp, all cold junction and k-Type temperatures of all channels and devices
  • Load and view of measurement files while logging is possivle
  • Device calibration can be performes by user
  • Two years warranty
  • Area of application: test bench, laboratories, engine test bench, temperature control, electronic load tests, total power dissipation tests etc.