LabVIEW® API (only for owners of the PCAN© Developer 4.x driver)

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Don't order this product if you aren't owner of a valid PCAN Developer 4.x driver license.

Bestellen Sie dieses Produkt bitte nicht, wenn Sie nicht im besitz einer PCAN Developer 4.x Lizenz sind.


Please keep in mind that you must purchase the PCAN© developer driver first from PEAK-System Germany or PEAK-System disrtibutors to use the API.


Vergessen Sie bitte nicht, dass Sie den PCAN© Developer Treiber erst bei PEAK-System Deutschland oder einem der PEAK-System Distributoren kaufen müssen.


This LabVIEW® API uses the PCAN©-Developer 4.x API from PEAK-System Germany to establish one or more CAN networks. Using the LabVIEW® API, you can exchange CAN messages via CAN 1.0/2.0B and CAN FD with the PCAN© hardware. CAN FD is supported by the PEAK device driver 4.0 and above. The LabVIEW® API is strongly related to the PCAN©-Developer 4.x help files and supports LabVIEW® 2014 or any higher version.

You must also install or update the VIP to the most recent version. The VIP file is created with VIP2017.

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LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments

PCAN© is a registered trademark of PEAK-System Germany