LabVIEW® API for the Microchip® MCP2210© USB® to SPI® bridge

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This LabVIEW® API for the Microchip® MCP2210© is written for easy SPI® access.

The MCP2210 works is a SPI master.

A API like this makes it easy to access SPI devices. There is no need for a CPU, firmare etc.

Use the USB® to SPI® bridge master to control SPI® devices from your PC with LabVIEW®.

You can connect up to 9 SPI deviced to the MCP2210©. Save your settings in the non volatile or volatile device RAM. Use the internal EEPROM for your parameters. Lock the device by password protection and so on...

Please download the flyer to learn more about it.

The flyer contains all the inforamtion to instal the API, DLLs, project information and example description.

Flyer download

You can also see a smal running light video here: VIDEO