LabVIEW® API for PCAN© Developer 4.x driver

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This LabVIEW® API uses the PCAN©-Developer 4.x API from PEAK-System Germany to establish one or more CAN networks. Using the LabVIEW® API, you can exchange CAN messages via CAN 1.0/2.0B and CAN FD with the PCAN© hardware. CAN FD is supported by the PEAK device driver 4.0 and above. The LabVIEW® API is strongly related to the PCAN©-Developer 4.x help files and supports LabVIEW® 2014 or any higher version.

Please keep in mind that you must purchase the PCAN© developer driver first from PEAK-System Germany or PEAK-System disrtibutors to use the API.


Vergessen Sie bitte nicht, dass Sie den PCAN© Developer Treiber erst bei PEAK-System Deutschland oder einem der PEAK-System Distributoren kaufen müssen.

You must also install or update the VIP to the most recent version. The VIP file is created with VIP2017.

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LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments

PCAN© is a registered trademark of PEAK-System Germany