High efficiency Laser diode driver with TEC controller, accuracy 0,0001K

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Product description

The device is designed to drive and control pump laser diodes for fiber amplifiers for example in LIDAR and communication applications. This high high efficient laser diode driver is capable to drive Laser doides with local or remote adjustable 0 - 1,3A constant current. The TEC element controller is capable to keep the TEC and therfore the diode temperature constant up to ±0.0001 K.

Available Laser diode driver input voltage signals

Enable_LD (TTL level)


Available Laser diode driver output signals


Adjustable TEC element parameters (on board)

Maximum TEC element output voltage 0 – 6V can be adjusted.

Maximum TEC element negative current 0 – 3A can be adjusted.

Maximum TEC element positive current 0 – 3A can be adjusted.

Available voltage input signals

TEC Ext Enable (TTL level)

Available voltage output signals:

A LOW TEC alarm output (TTL level)

A HIGH TEC alarm output (TTL level)

Thermistor temp. out

TEC element current out (proportional)